Paparazzi snap photos of Irene’s sexy low-cut dress

Award shows are always an opportunity for idols to be able to wear their most fashion forward and beautiful dresses. Following the off the shoulder trend was Red Velvet‘s Irene in a black and white dress.

Irene wore this particular dress to the 2016 KBS Entertainment Awards where she presented some awards and also reunited with her Music Bank co-host Park Bogum. Known as the visual member of Red Velvet, this dress fit beautifully on Irene and only accentuated her visuals even more. Recently, Irene stepped out with a darker red shade of hair and this color definitely fits well with her whole look. It gives her a more chic and mature look.

This dress definitely should be on a best-dressed list for its form fitting, classy and chic design. For more, here are six photos of Irene’s beautiful dress:

Red Velvet's Irene
Irene wore a black and white off the shoulder dress to the 2016 KBS Entertainment Awards.
Red Velvet's Irene
The white elements of the dress gave some definition to the dress and Irene’s minimal accessories helped pull off this look.
Red Velvet's Irene
The dress fits well on Irene and the off the shoulder dress was a bold fashion choice.
Red Velvet's Irene
While wearing this dress, the colors helped bring out the dark red shade in Irene’s new hair color.
Red Velvet's Irene
The bottom of the dress was a little fuller and gave a peplum effect that went with the details of the oversize cuff sleeves.
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