This Korean Boy got famous on Instagram for his– well, just look

Instagram famous Yuan Lee has gone viral after posting photos, and now he’s getting even more popular for this.

Yuan Lee is a famous Instagrammer with over 166k followers who quickly gained popularity for his model-like body and handsome idol-like face.

He originally majored in a flight attendant course where students applying for this major are often required to have above-average looks. After graduating, however, this career interest changed and  Yuan Lee officially debuted as a model in Seoul’s Fashion Week in early 2016.

A post shared by @iiyuan on

A post shared by @iiyuan on

A post shared by @iiyuan on

Soon, Yuan Lee was also seen in MAMAMOO‘s “New York” music video, where he played the role of Wheein‘s boyfriend. It was this video that marked his official debut as an actor. Shortly after, he appeared in the music video for “Rock-Scissors-Paper” by MIRYO and GIANTPINK, and played the role of GIANTPINK’s male partner.

Watch Yuan Lee’s impressive acting skills below.

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