Meet Dong Lei, A Chinese Model With The Longest Legs You’ve Ever Seen

Dong Lei is a Chinese model who has been receiving a lot of attention for her seemingly unreal proportions.   Lei’s legs are all natural and all thanks to her incredibly tall parents.   She was already 5’9″ at the age of 16, but now she’s grown to 5’11” with legs measuring at 3’4″, the average […]


Sexy Korean Model Shows Up At A Baseball Game, And The Entire Team Got Distracted

Seolhwa Choi is one of the sexiest models in Korea and it seems not even professional sports players can’t keep their eyes off her. Seolhwa was asked to throw the opening pitch for a baseball game and captured literally everyone’s attention. Photos captured the hilarious moment as she walked by all the baseball players sitting […]


Meet Lee Mina, The Highly Talented and Beautiful, Korean National Team Soccer Player

On the recent East Asian Cup championship, women’s national football team of South Korea performed spectacularly well against its longtime rival, Japan. Though the South Korean team ultimately lost 3-2, there was one glimmer of light for future games. And that glimmer of light is Lee Mina! As a midfielder, Lee Mina shines on the […]


Here Are The 5 Most Beautiful Female University Students in All Of Korea

Due to the ridiculous amount of competition involved in entering a prestigious university, many people have the misconception that students at these prestigious universities don’t have the time to care for their looks. These girls have recently been trending on many Korean social media channels for proving them wrong 1. Seoul University 2. Yeonsei University […]


She Was Scouted By SM, YG and JYP But She Said NO To All of Them

A gorgeous girl was allegedly scouted by the top 3 entertainment companies in all of K-Pop. The lucky lady turned out to be a model named Yoon Sun Young! She received numerous casting calls from different companies, but supposedly refused them all. With porcelain white skin and dark sleek hair, Yoon Sun Young looks like […]

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These Pictures Show Why Nana Is Called The Barbie Doll Of K-Pop

Nana’s incredible body ratio and figure has earned her the nickname of “Barbie Doll Body”. In a recent interview, Nana was asked what she did to keep herself in shape, to which her answer shocked everyone. “I didn’t particularly follow a controlled diet.” — Nana Standing 170 cm tall (5’6″), she weighs 51 kg (112 […]


Everyone Thought This F-Cup Adult Magazine Model Was A Kid Because Of Her Appearance

Japanese Gravia model and artist Nagasawa Marina is going viral for her extremely youthful beauty. She debuted in 2013, and her babyface caught the attention of many as she looked like she was still in elementary school. Her petite yet voluminous F-cup breasts and doll-like visuals confused everyone, and many questioned her age. Nagasawa Marina, […]


Korean BJ Gets Breast Implants, Talks About All The Benefits

Korean BJ Hanna revealed she had breast augmentation surgery after receiving multiple questions from her fans. She announced that she was going to hold a Q&A livestream with her surgeon to answer as many questions as she could. “After getting surgery, I’ve been receiving a lot of mail and DM’s about breast surgery~ It’s your […]

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