Ha Neul Is The New Girl Crush of Korean Women, She’s A CEO Who Also Models

Ha Neul may just be the ultimate image of who thousands, if not millions, of South Korean women aspire to be! Ha Neul is the model and CEO of “Haneul Haneul”, an online women’s lingerie and clothing store. She first gained attention when it was revealed that the popular webcomics series, Lookism, was based on her! She […]


Korean Man Escapes Death After Nearly Being Struck By Lightning

A Korean man narrowly escaped death when a lightening hit right next to him! A driver and his friend were pulling out of the parking lot during a rain storm, when they saw a man walking with his umbrella. Within seconds, a sudden loud boom was heard and lights flashed before their eyes! The lightening struck […]


This Is What An Elite Korean High School Serves Students For Lunch

Most school lunch programs tend to serve easy-to-make, often processed foods like pizza and chicken fingers, but this school in Korea is school lunches to the next level! Se In High School, located in Ulsan, South Korea, made the ultimate decision to serve lobsters for lunch to all of their students. Eating lobster is considered […]


Meet “International Couple” : A Russian Girl and A Korean Boy’s Inseparable Relationship

This adorable Russian-Korean international couple’s love story is making everyone’s heart melt. Sasha Podberezskaja, a Belarusian model and actress based in Seoul, and Jay Song, a soldier currently serving in the South Korean military, have been together since 2013. The couple shares their daily life and adventures on their Instagram, and they have 16K followers who […]

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This Senior Korean Couple Proves True Love Still Exists, Gives loving hope to everyone

This senior couple’s beautiful love story sets the bar high for relationship goals and is all the proof you need that true love still exists. They have been together for 65 years, but the wife suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease and forgets everything about her husband every day. Despite the fact that she starts every day thinking […]

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