13 Affordable Korean Beauty Products That Can Transform Your Skin

K-Beauty is famous for its trendy and innovative skin care products, and beauties all around the world are stocking up. Check out these latest inspiring yet affordable beauty products from Korea. Check out these 13 latest inspiring,yet affordable, beauty products from Korea. 1. April Skin Magic Stone With its main ingredient, charcoal, Korean’s swear by the April Skin […]


8 Hair Transformations That’ll Make You Want To Visit The Hair Salon

These hair transformations will make you want to say goodbye to your locks and cut it down to a stylish pixie look. Here are 8 idol hair makeovers that surprised us all! 1. SONAMOO’s New Sun 2. TWICE’s Chaeyoung 3. DIA’s Yebin 4. EXID’s Hyerin 5. T-ARA’s Eunjung 6. Girls’ Generation’s Sunny 7. DIA’s Jenny 8. […]


Korean Cosmetic Experts Guarantee This Will Improve Your Skin Drastically

Korean cosmetics industry is known for their renowned efficiency in creating a beautiful skin, and now there is an easy heck to maximize the result. https://gfycat.com/GrotesqueOfficialFrillneckedlizard A Korean Youtuber Daisy shared her secret tip to improve the skin in one month, and the secret is to spray water mist three to four times and rub […]


f(x) Luna Reveals Her Trick Behind Bigger Looking Boobs

f(x)’s Luna created a tutorial on how to apply body makeup on the arms, breasts, and abs. She taught her viewers how to make their arms slimmer, breasts bigger, and abs clearer, all with just makeup. She first started with arm makeup, using a 5:5 combination of body oil and tanning lotion to create a contour […]


(★Melon) Best Dressed Male Celebrities Of 2017 Melon Music Awards

K-Pop fans got to witness great and memorable performances 2017 MelOn Music Awards. Fans were also pleased to see so many well-dressed male stars. The handsome faces and colorful wardrobes were just enough to make the fans go wild. Check out which male celebrities made Koreaboo’s list of the best dressed of 2017 MMA! 10. Ahn Hyo Seob […]


(★MAMA) Best Dressed Male Celebrities Of 2017 MAMA In Hong Kong

The hottest male celebrities looked absolutely stunning at the 2017 Mnet Music Awards in Hong Kong red carpet. From dazzling suits to the next trend in winter fashion, the men of the K-Pop industry turned heads wherever they walked. Check out which male celebrities made Koreaboo’s list of the best dressed of 2017 MAMA in Hong […]

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(★MAMA) Best Dressed Female Celebrities Of 2017 Mnet Music Awards In Hong Kong

The 2017 Mnet Music Awards in Hong Kong featured a red carpet full of breathtaking ladies dressed in their fanciest attire. From gorgeous form-fitting gowns to the latest trend-setting styles, the women brought their fashion A-game. Check out which female celebrities made Koreaboo’s list of the best dressed of 2017 MAMA in Hong Kong! 10th […]

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