This Is The First K-Drama Romance To Feature AI and Human Relationship

Korea is just about to launch their very first AI K-drama. AI, short for Artificial Intelligence is no longer old news, but can be found everywhere to enhance the quality of human life. Each year robots are adopting more and more of human qualities and we may even be able to interact with them on […]

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12 Korean Actors Whose Careers Started Booming After Serving In The Military

For many idols and actors, they begin their career early and serve in the military once they turn 30. These 12 actors, however, chose to serve early in life and can launch their acting career without the worry of fans waiting for their comebacks. 1.Kim Jung Hyun Kim Jung Hyun debuted late in 2015 and […]


This Is What Kim Ji Won Looked Like Before She Got Famous 

Though she now plays a feisty character on Fight My Way, actress Kim Ji Won first appeared on television at the age of 19 and, boy, has she come a long way. Kim Ji Won actually gained viral popularity during her time as a model and commercial actress when she appeared in a string of ads […]

TOP 10 K-Drama Actors With The Hottest Beach Bodies

These K-Drama stars are total visual goals for the perfect summer beach bodies. 1. Sung Hoon in My Secret Romance 2. Ji Chang Wook in The K2 3. Nam Joo Hyuk in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo 4. Park So Dam in Cinderella And Four Knights 5. Choi Siwon in She Was Pretty 6. Han […]

9 Pinay Actresses That Could Star In Your Favorite K-Dramas

These actresses have done it all – from soft and sweet, to straightforward hard hitters. They’d be perfect in some of these roles from some of Korean’s best dramas. 1. School 2015:  Janine Gutierrez Janine Gutierrez as Kim So Hyun‘s role of opposite Nam Joo Hyuk. 2. Boys Over Flowers: Liza Soberano Liza Soberano in […]

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