10 “Bare Minimum” Moments When BTS’s V Drives Fans Crazy While Doing… Pretty Much Nothing At All

#6 should really not be this attractive.

From his sultry vocals to his mesmerizing dance skills, BTS’s V does so many impressive things to capture fans attention. But sometimes, it’s the most everyday occurrences that really drive ARMYs crazy. Take a look at these 10 super “bare minimum” V moments and try to tell us you’re not swooning just a little.

1. When he drives with one hand

2. When he tucks his shirt in and shows his waistline

3. When he plays with his hair

4. When he rolls his sleeves and exposes those arms

5. When he fixes his cap

6. When he drinks water like this

7. When he looks even taller than usual

8. When he’s in the kitchen

9. When he crouches

10. When he touches his lip