10+ Of The Best Fan Reaction Tweets To CLC’s New Song “Helicopter”

CLC is here to slay with “Helicopter”!

CLC just made their comeback with ‘Helicopter”, and fans are so hyped!

Fans have been so excited for the group’s first comeback in almost a year, that they trended the hashtag #CLC_HELICOPTER, which reached the number 2 spot on Twitter’s worldwide trends!

So, here are 10+ tweets of the best reactions that fans had to their latest song, because they’re here to kill it!

1. Seungyeon said “MAIN DANCER”


2. They’re serving with their talents!


3. Yeeun’s rap totally slaps!


4. They’re killing it!




6. CLC are queen of visuals!


7. They came for our throats with this comeback!


8. Main vocalist power right here!


9. Queen behavior ONLY.


10. Same…same.


11. Hard agree!


12. “Helicopter” really here giving us such quality moments


13. “Helicopter” is that song!


14. CLC delivers only quality bops!


Watch the MV for “Helicopter” here, and jam to CLC’s latest comeback because the queens are back!