Here Are The 10 Best Moments From BTS’s Funky New “Dynamite” Music Video

Disco time!

BTS successfully released their new single “Dynamite” on August 21, KST and ARMYs are now feeling all groovy — disco dancing away to that little funky song!

BTS | @BigHitEnt/Twitter

The music video, dropped right on time, is a pastel-colored visual explosion with BTS’s retro beauties filling every second of it. Here are the 10 best moments from the music video — you know, to keep us swooning.

1. Jungkook holding a donut and being a stunner, no biggie

Who survived that split second change of Jungkook’s facial expression? Somebody get him a donut endorsement because we’re buying all the dozens.

2. Suga totally owning the basketball court by himself

So we know that basketball courts are special to Suga. Watching him disco away on one is everything we needed and more!

3. V rocking a green suit because who else can rock it like this?

We already knew from the teaser video that this would slay us all. To watch it in its actual glory though…? (Screams and runs in circles)

4. Jin being extra-Jin in polka dot and that hair

And by that we mean, extra handsome. Worldwide Handsome.

5. The two shades of denim

There is a dark wash and there is a light wash. Take your pick. Or actually, no, pick both. Why not pick both? It’s not like picking one over the other is possible anyway.

6. RM shooting us right through the heart

How is bias-wrecked spelled again? Oh that’s right. R-M.

7. Jimin looking angelic-AF

If this seven seconds of heavenly visual doesn’t define the word angelic, we don’t know what possibly could.

8. The countless shades of pastel

Big Hit Entertainment: How many colors do you want in the new music video?

BTS: Yes.

9. J-Hope blessing us with his sunshine energy happy power

Keep this GIF on your phone. Look at it every time and any time you need a picker-upper. J-Hope said he wants to bring us happy energy. He got that done for sure.

10. This ending, this perfect ending, this absolutely perfect ending

Did he just… did he just… smirk? WHA- (Drops dead on the floor)

Watch the MV here: