10 Celebrities Who Were Pursued By Multiple Companies

Numbers 4 and 8 were accepted by the Big 3!

Being pursued by even one company is considered a gift in the K-Pop industry, as companies are only willing to accept a certain amount of people into their company. However, some celebrities happened to get pursued by multiple companies, such as these 10.

1. Jungkook (BTS)

When Jungkook auditioned for Superstar K, he got the attention of many agency recruiters who were present at the audition.

He ended up signing with Big Hit Entertainment because he was amazed by RM.

2. Lee Euiwoong (HyeongseopXEuiwoong)

Lee Euiwoong made headlines when he made an appearance on Hello Counselor.

After his appearance on the show, many companies began scouting him. In the end, he decided to sign with Yuehua Entertainment.

3. Seungyoon (WINNER)

Seungyoon gained great success after his appearance on Superstar K2. While many companies offered him a contract, he decided to sign with YG Entertainment since they evaluated him objectively.

4. Oh Hyuk (Hyukoh)

Oh Hyuk was accepted by SM, YG, and JYP Entertainment. He decided to not sign with any of them as he felt that his music style didn’t fit with any of them.

5. Jisoo (BLACKPINK)

When Jisoo was a trainee under YG Entertainment, she was scouted by an SM Entertainment casting manager. Jisoo turned down the offer as she was already a trainee YG.

6. Ryujin (ITZY)

When Ryujin was a trainee under JYP Entertainment, she participated in MIXNINE, which was a survival show created by YG Entertainment. Yang Hyun Suk offered Ryujin a spot in his company, but Ryujin kindly rejected the offer.

7. Park Hyungsik (ZE:A)

When Park Hyungsik was in high school, he received offers from many companies, with the most famous ones being SM and YG. At the time, he had no plans of being a singer, so he rejected all the offers.

8. Yoon Sun Young

Source: Pinterest

Model Yoon Sun Young was scouted by SM, YG, and JYP Entertainment, but rejected all their offers, as she didn’t want to become an idol.

9. Park Jihoon

Park Jihoon wasn’t scouted by multiple companies at the same time, but he has been accepted as a trainee to multiple companies. He was a trainee for SM Entertainment and Fantagio before he made his way to Maroo Entertainment.

10. Donghyuk/DK (iKON)

Donghyuk won the JYP Trainee Search competition in 2012 but was soon recruited by YG Entertainment. He decided to sign with YG Entertainment.