10 Cheesy Yet Fun K-Pop Song Lyrics That You Didn’t Know You Needed

Have you heard of these before?

While K-Pop can be glamorous and full of charisma, it can also be quite entertaining. There are many instances where the lyrics to a K-Pop song is not something you would have expected. Here’s a list of some K-Pop lyrics that really stand out.

1. “MIC Drop” – BTS

“Did you see my bag? Did you see my bag? It’s hella trophies and it’s hella thick.”

2. “Jopping” – SuperM

“Yeah we jumping and popping we jopping.”

3. “Enough” (English Version) – SF9

“I’m wishing all the eyes of men go blind. So that only I can make you mine.”

4. “Ring Ding Dong” – SHINee

“We wanna go rocka, rocka, rocka, rocka, rocka, rock (so fantastic)

Go rocka, rocka, rocka, rocka, rocka, rock (so elastic)

Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic, fantastic

Elastic, elastic, elastic, elastic”

5. “Eyes Locked, Hands Locked” – Red Velvet

“Could you begin our strange love. Caress me to the point of boredom. Touch me, touch me.”

6. “Miss Right” – BTS

“Whether you have a hidden child I don’t care because I love you.”

7. “Bouncy” – Rocket Punch

“I don’t need a fake guy but awesome boy don’t stop. So can you take my heart like a bouncy bomb bouncy bomb.”

8. “Guitar” – BTOB

“Treat your body like a guitar (strum strum)

Hit your notes in this order (G, B, D, G, D, G)

Touch every one of your frets correctly

I’ll hit that G precisely

We’ll be making sweet music all night

Let your neighbors know my name right now

If it’s too much to handle let me know I’ll slow it down.”

9. “Mazeltov” – ZE:A

“Latin girl, Mexican girl, Korean girl, Japan girl. 

Mazeltov, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.”

10. “Hi High” – LOONA

“Love is more cruel than college entrance exams.”

What are some other cringe-y yet funny K-Pop lyrics that you know of?