10+ Emo Tweets That Show How Much Fans Love EXO Chen’s Newest Song “Hello”

“Hello” just dropped, and fans are loving it!

EXO‘s Chen just dropped his latest single titled “Hello”, and fans are showing all their love for the song!

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To celebrate his latest song, fans have been trending different hashtags on Twitter, even taking the top spots of the worldwide trends!

Here are 10+ super emotional reactions that fans have had to Chen’s latest song, showing how appreciative they are of the song’s message and Chen’s heavenly vocals!

1. Chen’s warm personality totally shines through in this song!


2. Chen’s got us feeling some kinda way…


3. He’s owning these pastel aesthetics!


4. Fans got his message!


5. EXO-Ls are giving Chen all their love!


6. Fans are embracing their emotions with Chen’s great vocals in this song!




8. Chen never disappoints!


9. Chen said MAIN VOCALIST


10. Same…same…


11. Chen delivers quality bops only!


Chen released “Hello” as his latest single.

Watch the MV here!


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