10 GIFs Of BTS’s V Being Full Of Sunshine That Will Get You Through The Day

Do we deserve V? Probably not.

BTS‘s V is a ray of sunshine that we don’t deserve. His boundless energy, cute smile,a and boyish look give energy to his many fans. Here are 10 GIFs that prove just how adorable he can be!

1. With him leaning on someone’s lap

2. With his full-on eye smile

3. With him looking at you full of love

4. With him looking at his members full of love

5. With his joke time with Jimin

6. With his unstoppable aegyo

7. With him looking like the proudest graduate

8. With him cutely asking others to support him

9. With his energy as bright as his hair

10. With his giggle he couldn’t control

Source: TheQoo