Here Are 10 Gifs Of HyunA Nearly Losing Her Mind Towards DAWN

Dawn just quietly taking insults.

HyunA and DAWN are one of the few celebrity couples that aren’t shy to show affection to each other in public. The two were guests for an episode of Knowing Brothers and showed their love for each other on multiple occasions.

They also showed the other side of their relationship and HyunA showed her competitive side by constantly getting upset at DAWN. Here are 10 Gifs of HyunA nearly losing her mind towards DAWN.

1. HyunA questioning DAWN for not knowing her song

2. HyunA wanting a partner switch for the game

3. HyunA questioning DAWN’s mind

4. HyunA calling DAWN a “bad” junior

5. HyunA upset at DAWN’s ability to play games

6. HyunA not believing DAWN

7. HyunA wanting a partner switch for the game (again)

8. HyunA questioning DAWN’s intelligence

9. HyunA wanting DAWN to “apologize”

10. HyunA not being satisfied by DAWN’s performance

Here is the full video below.