10 Gifs Showing Iconic K-Pop Girl Group Choreographies That Were Created By Bae Yoon Jung

It’s scary how many trendy dances she’s created.

Bae Yoon Jung is quite the iconic dance mentor, as many know her as the strict dance mentor from the Produce series.

Bae Yoon Jung has also choreographed some of the most iconic girl group dances. Here are some of the most famous dances choreographed by Bae Yoon Jung.

1. “Expectation” (Girl’s Day)

2. “Abracadabra” (Brown Eyed Girls)

3. “Up & Down” (EXID)

4. “Pick Me” (Produce 101)

5. “Something” (Girl’s Day)

6. “Bo Peep Bo Peep” (T-ara)

7. “Mister” (Kara)

8. “Roly-Poly” (T-ara)

9. “Hot Pink” (EXID)

10. “Female President” (Girl’s Day)