10 Girl Groups Who Took The Sexy Cheerleader Concept To A New Level

Check out these 10 girl groups nailing the cheer squad look!

K-Pop has endless concepts and themes, and the cheerleader style has been used time and again for its upbeat, cheerful, and sexy-cute vibe. These girl groups pulled off the sexy fun cheerleader squad concept flawlessly!


1. Red Velvet

Red Velvet went for the cheerleader themed outfits for two of their releases, both with “Ice Cream Cake” and “Russian Roulette”.


2. AOA

AOA and “Heart Attack” might be one of the most iconic cheerleader outfits there are in K-Pop!


3. Apink

Apink brought out the cheerleader styled outfits for performances during their “Mr. Chu” era.



Oh My Girl looked absolutely adorable in their matching cheerleader outfits during their “CUPID” promotions!


5. Girl’s Day

Girl’s Day rocked the summery outfits during their “Darling” promotions way back in 2014. That was almost 5 years ago now!


6. I.O.I

The original and first “Nation’s Pick”, I.O.I donned pastel blue and pink cheerleading outfits, in what sparked the Produce series to be what it is today. “Very Very Very” also had some sightings of cheer outfits!


7. CLC

CLC wore some striking dark blue cheer outfits for their “I Like It” promos.


8. Cosmic Girls

Cosmic Girls brought back the cheerleading outfits for their “Secret” promotions, and with so many members, they look like a whole cheerleading unit!



GFRIEND’s outfits for “LOVE WHISPER” reminded us of a more contemporary cheerleading outfit, and their mint green looks so pretty!



Who could forget TWICE? “Cheer Up” has to be one of the most iconic K-Pop cheerleading outfits, ever.