Here Are 10 Groups Who Pump Themselves Up By Shouting Their Group Chant Before Stage

#9 may be the best one yet!

Each K-Pop group has come up with a unique group chant that is special to them and them only. While they use it before introducing themselves on variety shows and other programs, they also use it to amp themselves up before their performances. So here are 10 K-Pop groups who shout their group chants before every stage they perform on.

1. BTS

First up, we have the boys of BTS. The 7 members exclaim their group’s name 3 times to pump themselves up before a stage. They shout, “bangtan, bangtan, bangbangtan!” before they head to a performance.

2. EXO

EXO is up next and the boys show off their adorable chant by exclaiming, “EXO let’s love!” How adorable!

3. Red Velvet

We have another SM Entertainment group and this time, it’s Red Velvet. The members of the girl group chant “Red Velvet let’s get excited!” before their stages to amp themselves up.


Another girl group on the list and it’s none other than TWICE. The 9 members kept it simple with their chant, as they say “TWICE TWICE let’s do well” to remind themselves of their goal.


The boys of SEVENTEEN are up next and the power of the members can be felt in their chant. The power of number is proven as they shout “legend of SEVENTEEN” loud and clear for everyone to hear!

6. NCT 127

NCT 127 is another group that kept their chant super short and super simple. The members of this SM Entertainment boy group exclaims “let’s go!” to get themselves pumped for their stage.

7. Super Junior

Veteran boy group Super Junior is known for their chaotic energy and it’s not any different for their amped up chant. The members shout “let’s kill everyone (knock them off their feet)” before their stages.

8. SHINee

SHINee may win the award for the most chaotic chant, as they feed off of one another’s energy. They shout “We’re coming! Ultra-SHINee transition complete!” and let’s be real, that would pump us up too.


The four very cool, very chic members of BLACKPINK have the most appropriate group chant. A very simple “huh” is said before their stages, cracking fans up.

10. Brave Girls

Last, but most definitely not least is the queen of viral popularity, Brave Girls. They came to fame thanks to their military performances and it seems that their group chant is a tribute to the military chants. “Brave huh! Brave huh! Hwaiting!”
Source: theqoo and Image