10 Korean Celebrities Who At One Point Had Stage Fright

Some of them are still dealing with stage fright after many years.

Korean celebrities have to deal with large audiences and cameras all the time, which can cause a lot of difficulties for those with stage fright. Here are 10 Korean celebrities who bravely talked about their stage fright and how it affected them.

1. BoA

BoA developed stage fright when she messed up during one of her Japanese stages. BoA still has stage fright to this day, as standing on stage is one of her biggest fears.

2. Lee Hi

Lee Hi had stage fright before her debut, as she was extremely nervous whenever she had an audition. She overcame it when she saw other people going on stage excitedly, which caused her to have more positive thoughts.

3. Sandeul

Sandeul was a shy person since childhood, as he struggled even talking to people. He overcame his stage fright when he decided to openly embarrass himself in front of many people. He crawled on all fours when crossing a street, which caught the attention of many.

4. Luna [f(x)]

Luna developed stage fright when she made some mistakes on stage, which caused her to get frustrated at herself. That even though she practiced for many hours, she was still prone to making mistakes.

5. Yoo Jae Suk

Yoo Jae Suk once almost quit the showbiz life due to his stage fright. He wasn’t able to do his job properly and suffered from anxiety. He eventually got the hang of it and is now considered one of the top MCs in Korea.

6. Jessica Jung

Jessica developed stage fright when she forgot some lyrics during a couple of performances of “Hoot”.

7. Eunji (Apink)

Even if Eunji practices for many hours, she still has this fear that she’s going to make a mistake. This caused her to develop stage fright during her early career.

8. Goo Hye Sun

Goo Hye Sun has some severe stage fright, as her body starts trembling even before she’s on stage.

9. Namjoo (Apink)

Namjoo developed stage fright after her debut, and it was for a heartbreaking reason. She developed it when netizens started making malicious comments about her.

10. Shinji (Koyote)

Shinji gets extremely nervous whenever she goes on stage, to the point where her body starts shaking throughout a performance.