10 K-Pop Music Videos That Would Make The Most Epic Movies

We need these movies right now!

There are many K-Pop MVs that are pure masterpieces with their storytelling. While some are incredibly moving and would make some spectacular movies in their own right, there are others that are so packed full of intense drama that they would make the most epic action and thriller movie around. Although we might have to be satisfied with the music videos for now, these are some of the music videos that deserve to be made into movies.


1. BTS — “I Need U”

Every single one of BTS‘s music videos would probably make amazing videos but every fan has “I Need U” at the top of their list. This MV explored the concept of growing up like no other while also incorporating some pretty dramatic happenings.  If you’ve ever watched this MV, you’ve probably thought about what an amazing mini-series or movie it would make.


2. Red Velvet — “Peek-A-Boo”

A pizza delivery man who is seemingly being hunted down by a group of beautiful women living in a creepy house? Uh, yeah we want to see this movie! There is absolutely no way that this plot wouldn’t make the most amazing video ever!


3. CROSS GENE — “Black or White”

CROSS GENE took the Jekyll and Hyde concept to new levels in “Black or White” with their evil doppelgangers fighting to destroy their good sides. With each of the members battling someone that looks exactly like themselves, you’ve got yourself either an epic psychological thriller or a terrifying horror story!


4. Taemin — “Press My Number”

In between flashes of Taemin‘s excellent dance moves we are introduced to a dramatic story. In this version Taemin robs a convenience store and later finds himself chased by police and even kidnapped! It’s already a rollercoaster of a music video, so a full movie of this plot would be quite thrilling!


5. MONSTA X — “Dramarama”

MONSTA X is another group that has some amazing videos that could easily be shown on the big screen. While their entire Clan series would likely be a hit in the box office, “Dramarama” would also make a huge impact. A sci-fi thriller with time travel and time police? We’d certainly buy the tickets to see that one!


6. EXO — “Lucky One”

Escape from “x” location movies are always interesting but if you add in an experimental hospital, creepy robot nurses, and people with superpowers it’s sure to add to the experience by 110%! Now, if only someone would make this movie and some others including all the interconnecting EXO plots we’d be all set for a movie marathon!


7. Super Junior — “Mamacita”

If you’ve ever seen the 6-minute drama version of this MV, you know exactly why this needs to be made into a movie stat! You’ve got the bumbling sheriff, the thief, those who are secretly working to help the thief, and a number of other townsfolk you don’t think have anything to do with the plot but they really do! This has the possibility of becoming one of the best westerns around!


8. 2NE1 — “Come Back Home”

Set in a future where everyone is more interested in the perfect virtual reality world, 2NE1‘s “Come Back Home” has the girls out on a mission to destroy the fake reality and bring people back into the real one. A little bit like the movie “The Matrix”, this MV would totally work as a feature length film.


9. BIGBANG — “Lies”

In this MV we see G-Dragon being led away in cuffs and later behind bars, but it’s the flash backs that shed a little bit more light onto this story. It turns out that G-Dragon took the fall for a crime he didn’t commit to protect the girl he loved. If that doesn’t sound like the an amazing movie we don’t know what does!


10. B.A.P — “Skydive”

This one may as well already be a movie it’s so jammed packed with intense action, intrigue, and betrayal! Turned into a full film, who wouldn’t go to see this one?