10+ MAMAMOO’s Wheein Perfected The Baseball Cap Look And Made Our Jaws Drop With How Good She Looked

#1 is sexy, but #6 is oozing with swag.

There’s a reason why childhood best friends and group members MAMAMOO‘s Wheein and Hwasa named their group as SAD when they were teenagers.

SAD stands for Sexy And Dangerous — and their aesthetic visuals are proof of this.

Consider Wheein’s duality when it comes to her visuals as an example. Sure, she’s famous for her adorable dimples that make MooMoos think of her as a squishy baby…

…but when she’s rocking a cool baseball cap, she can go from cute to edgy sexy in a quick second!

Check out these 10+ pictures of Wheein making your heart flutter by perfecting the “baseball cap” look.

1. Toned muscles + refreshed complexion = ideal after-workout look

2. Food for the eyes and the soul

3. Her top says “I’m cool” but her shorts say “but I’m also hot”

4. This baseball cap is a perfect example of what Wheein would be if she were a cap

5. Say “thank you” to Wheein and to her talented stylist for this look

6. Wheein just proved that you can also be extremely sexy without revealing any skin

7. Perfect black cap that enhanced her milky white complexion

8. If angels wore caps, this is what they’d look like


9. Practical and stylish enough to be an accessory to her airport fashion

10. Her cap completed the look: it’s a balance with classy and edgy

11. Wheein is an example that you can still be a visually appealing idol, even with baggy clothes and a baseball cap