10+ Park Min Young Made Our Jaws Drop And Proved She’s A Visual Goddess In Elegant Gowns

Park Min Young can definitely pull off any outfit, including elegant outfits that make her look like a goddess.

There are two reasons why Park Min Young is a household name in Korea right now.

Her versatile acting skills that enabled her to play a resourceful journalist in Healer

…and an efficient secretary in What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? is one reason.

And another one is because of her gorgeous visuals that are enhanced every time she wears elegant gowns that make her look like a queen! Here are 10+ photos of Park Min Young making everyone’s jaws drop because of her stunning visuals.

Classy, peach gown with lace details, paired with elegant earrings

This gown just proves that Min Young looks effortlessly beautiful — even with natural makeup

Another advantage of wearing this gown is it highlights her body’s natural curves.

Looking as pure as the snow

Is this Min Young or a Greek goddess sculpted by the gods?

She brings out her fashionista side in this formal gown with a modern touch of design

Only Park Min Young could wear a gown with a slit and give out “perfect girlfriend” vibes

The best accessory is not her purse — it’s actually her bright smile that makes everything better.

Cutie pie Min Young dressing up and serving “princess” looks

Every queen started off as a princess, after all. Just check out how pretty she looked like a decade ago — still the same gorgeous actress who everyone loves!

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