10+ Photos Of BLACKPINK Jennie’s Casual Fashion That Could Work Just As Good For High-Fashion Events

Jennie can make anything look good and classy.

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is known to be the biggest fashionista! Fondly nicknamed “Human Gucci” by fans, her style and looks are constantly coveted by adoring fans who truly look up to her as a fashion-icon, and even if she’s not at a high-class fashion event, she makes every place her personal runway!

Here are 10+ photos of Jennie’s iconic casual fashion that looks so classy, it could easily suit a top fashion event too!


1. Black-on-black, blazer-on-tracks Jennie is a look that’s quintessential “Jennie-casual”!


2. Jennie is the only person who looks so good wearing a Chanel belt for a casual day!


3. Black is Jennie’s favorite color, and its a color that suits her so much!


4. Jennie looks adorable in this dress!


5. In this outfit, she could literally be coming back from a business meeting or a fashion event, and we’d be none the wiser!


6. Jennie has such a great figure, and its just highlighted in this dress!


7. A bit more on the casual side than high-fashion looking, this outfit still lends Jennie a charm and class that only she could pull off!


8. How does someone look this good on a casual day?!


9. This look literally screams “CEO Jennie”.


10. Pink is another one of Jennie’s favorite colors, and she totally rocks this casual-but-not-so-casual look!


11. Isn’t that smile the purest thing you’ve ever seen?

…also the outfit is good too.


12. Even in the cold, Jennie doesn’t compromise on fashion! She looks so good, she could actually be on her way to a fashion show in this outfit!


13. Jennie wears black a lot, and she kills it each time! This blouse and skirt combo is gorgeous, but that bow headband kicks the whole look up a notch!


14. Jennie looks great no matter what she wears, honest.


15. Chanel’s main woman, coming through!


16. Jennie looks like the softest biker girl in this outfit. Its so rugged, yet so classy!


17. Jennie in this dress is peak high-fashion.


BLACKPINK is currently on their Japan Dome Tour, which will conclude in February 2020. YG Entertainment has also confirmed that the group is preparing for a comeback in early 2020. This will be their first comeback since “Kill This Love” in April of 2019.

Watch the MV here to appreciate all their visuals!