10+ Photos Of BLACKPINK Lisa’s Gorgeous Proportions For You To Marvel At

Lisa’s one gorgeous woman!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is a gorgeous idol who’s got perfect features and legs for days! Here are 10+ photos of Lisa and her goddess proportions, showing us all who to appreciate a tall, lithe figure like Lisa’s!

1. Lisa’s got a gorgeous figure!


2. She’s got legs for days!


3. She’s got such immense charisma and charm!


4. Queen Lisa!


5. What a dangerously sexy woman!


6. So pretty!


7. Her proportions are incredible!


8. She’s so pretty its unreal.


9. She looks great, from the front and the back!


10. Even casual outfits can’t hide her incredible figure!


11. Lisa’s a gorgeous queen!


12. Casual Lisa is the cutest!


13. She oozes charisma!


14. Lisa’s stage outfits compliment her body line so much!


15. Denim highlights her long legs so prettily!


16. She’s so pretty from the back!


17. Lisa in tennis skirts make her legs so good!


Now that we’ve appreciated her gorgeous body-line, let’s appreciate Lisa’s latest choreography video that she’s recently blessed us with!