10 Photos Of ITZY Being Adorable That Will Surely Brighten Up Your Day

They all have the power to make anyone smile!

ITZY has always radiated a very charming energy. They can either go from being cute to suddenly sporting a girl crush concept. One thing’s for sure, though! That they can easily make you happy!

Here are 10 photos of the girls from ITZY that are guaranteed to make you smile!

1. Wacky poses!

Chaeryeongย sure loves to pose cute poses for the camera so she can share them with her fans! She radiates such a positive energy in this photo and it makes it easy to fall for her!

2. Random photos in the car!

Yejiย shows that she can look good anytime, anywhere! She looks cute in this quick snap of her in the car as she flashes her precious smile which we all love!

3. More wacky poses!

Yunaย sure knows how to maximize her visuals as she poses cutely for the camera! She also makes sure to shows fans her neon pink colored nails just because!

4. Cute poses!

Ryujin knows what her fans want, and one of it is definitely to post cute photos of herself, and she did exactly just that!

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5. Subtle smiles!

Lia knows how to make her fans smile with a simple and clean selca like this one! She looks elegant in her outfit and her make-up highlights all her best features, which basically consists of her whole face!

6. Aegyo overload!

Yeji shows her cute side that all her fans are crazy for! She looks cute and she definitely knows it!

7. Smiles straight at you!

Yuna makes her fans’ hearts flutter as she stares into the camera giving off feelings of happiness as she does!

8. Stolen photos!

Stolen photos are always the best and Ryujin shows just how relatable she is that she laughs about anything! Ryujin looks extremely happy and cute in this photo set!

9. More random photos in the car!

Lia looks natural and beautiful in this photo as she subtly smiles towards the camera! With her slightly messy hair, this photo gives a more natural vibe!

10. Happily waiting for food!

Waiting for the food you ordered isn’t a happy experience per se, but Chaeryeong being the optimistic person that she is, looks beautiful as she waits for her meal!