10+ Photos Prove Wanna One Daniel Is A Werewolf

Clever fans, especially twitter user @DantheSamoyed, have figured out that Wanna One’s Kang Daniel may, in fact, be some sort of werewolf. Here’s their evidence that Daniel is truly a puppy.

1. Puppy-like sleeping behavior

2. This bow is all the proof anyone needs.

3. That wink is exactly the same.

4. I see no difference.

5. Of course, further proof is that the only way two things look that cute in a flower crown is if they are the same person.

6. Perhaps the other Wanna One members are in on this?

7. When Daniel is tired, the resemblance to his wolf-side is most clear.

8. Hmm… this is suspicious…

9. It’s like the t-shirt is just saying “prove it”.

10. Ha! Daniel caught red-handed, still wearing his hat!

11. Behind the scenes, photos catch Daniel’s natural behaviors in both states.

12. No matter what, though, Daniel is the actual best.


13. BONUS: How is this not proof?

Source: @DANtheSamoyed