These 10+ Receipts Of MooMoos Trending #6YearsWithMAMAMOO Are Proof That MAMAMOO’s Fans Couldn’t Be Prouder Of Them

Happy 6th anniversary, MAMAMOO! 🎉

MAMAMOO had their debut on June 19, 2014 with their catchy song “Mr. Ambiguous” that managed to show off their amazing vocal powers and strong teamwork.

It has been several years since their debut, and MAMAMOO has managed to grow into one of the most successful girl groups in Korean entertainment history.

With their first win achieved just two years after debuting…

…and their first ever concert held on the same year…

…MAMAMOO continues their rise to the top with over 155,000 members on their official fan cafe.

Their fans, called MooMoos, naturally felt proud of MAMAMOO for achieving their much-deserved success. And so for their sixth anniversary, MooMoos turned to social media platform Twitter to express just how proud they are of the girls.

1. What did you expect from the winners of the “Rookie of the Year” award, right?

2. It’s so touching that they responded to the fans’ slogan

3. This anniversary wouldn’t happen if it weren’t for MooMoos, and MAMAMOO knows this

4. Lies — K-Pop can give you all kinds of feels!

5. And now they’re at the top

6. How much do you love MAMAMOO?

7. They keep getting better each year

8. MAMAMOO’s tight friendship is one of the reasons they’re so well-loved

9. Raise your hands if you’re down with this

10. “Thank you for existing, MAMAMOO”

11. Talent + hard work = MAMAMOO

12. Yes, MAMAMOO made it happen

Congratulations on your sixth year anniversary, MAMAMOO!