10 Relatable ARMY Reactions To BTS’s First “PROOF” Track List Release

Here are hilarious and heartwarming reactions to BTS’s first “PROOF” tracklist!

BTS just released their first official tracklist for their upcoming anthology album PROOF and ARMY is celebrating. The list includes all of their title tracks with the special inclusion of their 2013 release, “Born Singer.”

PROOF CD 1 tracklist | @BIGHIT_MUSIC/Twitter

Before the CD1 tracklist for PROOF was released, the group was already trending worldwide in anticipation of the reveal. Once it dropped, ARMYs couldn’t contain their excitement and had the best responses.

1. Preparing for a legendary comeback

2. We’re finally getting “Born Singer”⁠—prepare the tissues

3. The “Born Singer” takeover memes

4. The emotional switch up from “Born Singer” to “No More Dream” is too real

5. The members of the rap line have credits for 18 out of the 19 songs

6. Manifesting “Ddaeng” to be on one of the future tracklists

7. BTS letting the tracklist speak for itself

8. “Rapper Jungkook” era trending…again (as it should)

9. Hoping for unreleased demos

10. Remembering there are 2 more tracklists yet to be released