10+ Relatable ARMY Reactions To The Technical Difficulties In BTS’s Chuseok Livestream

Using humor to cope with the pain 🥲

BTS just wanted to spend some quality time with ARMY to celebrate Chuseok, but the internet wasn’t having it! The group attempted to start a VLIVE a total of four times in the span of just a few minutes. Here are 10+ of the most relatable reactions — because there’s nothing like humor to help us through this!

1. The quality

2. Life Goes On…

3. Gone in a flash

4. Their persistence

5. Timezone struggles

6. I was here!

7. Lucky Number 7

8. Come back please…

9. At least they’re eating well!

10. Soulmate things

Bonus: Even Jungkook was lost

Source: VLIVE