10+ Relatable Fan Reactions About BLACKPINK’s June 2020 Comeback — And Honestly, Same

Maybe that’s why they looked like #5 on their latest IG live?

It’s been more than one year since BLACKPINK‘s Kill This Love album has been released…

…so news of their upcoming comeback this June 2020 has naturally broken the Internet because of all the overjoyed and excited K-Pop fans worldwide.

What will their concept be?

How about the song title?

Will there be amazing dance choreography that will make history, once again?

Final date has not been announced yet, but fans all over the world are already hyped. Check out their most relatable tweets below.

1. Today just proves how wonderful it is to be alive

2. Hope you’re prepared, YG

3. The anticipation is heart-fluttering

4. What a mood

5. The reason for their happiness

6. Hearts all around

7. Proper promotions, please

8. We’re all in this together

9. Can you hear the “sold out” bells ringing?

10. Imagine when they drop the actual date

11. Treat them right

12. If there’s a will, there’s a way

13. Legends

14. Such a surreal experience

15. Queen of giving clues

16. Guess who?

17. The hunger is real

18. Hugs for everyone