10 Running Man Scenes Where Yoo Jae Suk Was Ruthlessly Humiliated

The dissing of Yoo Jae Suk has no end.

You Jae Suk is truly a celebrity among celebrities. With his kind and fun outgoing personality, it’s no wonder he’s known as the Nations MC. That doesn’t mean he’s free from getting roasted and humiliated by his close castmates on shows. Here are 10 times the cast of Running Man either roasted him or humiliated him (or both).

1. Getting to know Kim Jong Kook’s feet

2. Being viewed as not important

3. Getting roasted for his body

4. Questionable actions?

5. Just being roasted with no regard

6. Having a forced bath

7. Unable to use his authority

8. Losing his clothes

9. Getting killed for his self-confidence

10. Getting knocked down

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