10 Of The Most Shocking Photoshoots In K-Pop History

Warning: NSFW.

From Lolita concepts to full nudity, these are some of the most shocking photo shoot in K-Pop history.


1. Sulli’s Bed Shoot

This series of photos was taken by photographer Rotta, who has become known for shooting controversial Lolita-style concepts. In these photos, Sulli lounges in her underwear while holding the viewer’s gaze.  The photo shoot was meant to be sexy, but many people have found it risque, if not unsettling.


2. SHINee’s Minho’s Shirtless “Sherlock” Shoot

Minho is living proof that Lolita concepts aren’t restricted to women. At the time of this photo shoot Minho was in his early 20s, but his cherubic curls and the camera’s angles make him look much younger. The bottle he is holding is uncomfortably reminiscent of a baby’s bottle.


3. Bambino Eunsol’s Lamborghini

Bambino is known for their provocative performances on stage, so it’s no surprise that their sexy concept has continued off-stage. Eunsol bared it all for this sexy Lamborghini photo shoot.


4. Shinhwa’s “Wild” Nature Shoot

Newer K-Pop fans might have no idea that this exists. Back in 2001, Shinhwa shocked the public when they released this NSFW “Wild” photo series. The Shinhwa members posed in the woods and in the water, totally in the buff. Let’s hope they spritzed on some mosquito repellant first!



5. Sulli and Goo Hara’s Shared Shirt Shoot

After this Rotta photo surfaced, Sulli was criticized for its “Lolita-inspired” concept and had to delete the controversial photos from her personal Instagram account.


6. J.Y. Park’s Plastic Pants Shoot

This bizarre fashion advertisement had everyone asking one question: “why?”. Little did they know that this strange underwear advertisement would set a fashion trend years later!


7. Hyuna’s Summer Shoot

This gorgeous star has never been shy about showing a little skin…or a lot of it. Hyuna seemed completely at ease during this topless photoshoot.


8. CL’s Birthday Suit Shoot

Like many of the other stars on this list, CL is a-okay with getting sexy in her photos. Last year, CL thanked her fans for their birthday wishes by posting this topless photo on Instagram. In it, CL kisses a pink rose while dressed in pink shoes and capris.


9. Block B’s B-Bomb’s Ketchup Shoot

During this photo shoot, each Block B member was given an item to pose with. The choices included a variety of snacks and a water gun. Fans weren’t sure what to make of Ketchup Man B-Bomb when they saw this photo of him squirting the condiment onto a hot dog. Was it meant to be sensual? Sadistic? Or just plain weird?


10. Ailee’s GQ Shoot

When Ailee posed for men’s magazine GQ she was heavily criticized by netizens. These critics used this photo shoot as an excuse to bring up Ailee’s past nude photo scandal.