10+ Thirst Tweets About MAMAMOO’s Hwasa’s Beautiful Thicc Thighs That Save Lives

#9 is the reason why Hwasa’s fancam got viral.

When you think of MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa, three things may come to mind.

First is all about her confidence and powerful personality that she manages to bring to the stage every time she performs.

Second is naturally, you’ll think about how influential Hwasa has been in shaping the beauty standards in the Korean entertainment scene, so you’ll love her more for being a good role model to women all over the world.

And third?

You’re lying if you say that you don’t think about Hwasa’s gorgeously sexy honey thighs that she’s proud of — and for good reason, since MooMoos also love how body-positive Hwasa.

Hwasa loves her body, and these MooMoos are all here for it. Check out their support and their incredibly funny thirst tweets below.

1. Where’s your preferred place of residence?

2. If there’s honey voice, then there’s also honey thighs

3. Her chemistry with the audience is palpable

4. This tweet really said what all MooMoos are thinking of, huh?

5. Save the planet, stan Hwasa

6. Is your life one of those that have been saved by Hwasa?

7. Just Hwasa, in general

8. Millions of people can’t resist it

9. And that’s on periodt.

10. This is extreme, but same

11. Give the lady what she wants

12. Here’s how to say it in Korean

13. Apparently, there’s a more elegant way of saying it

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