10+ Times AOA’s Seolhyun Looked Like An Absolute Queen In Gowns

She’s gorgeous!

AOA‘s Seolhyun is a gorgeous queen! She’s been known as Korea’s “It Girl” for a while, and doesn’t fail to impress with her amazing talent, unbelievable proportions and gorgeous visuals! Here are 10+ times Seolhyun made an appearance on the red carpet in the prettiest gowns, and had everyone gasping at her beauty!

1. Seolhyun looks beautiful in this gown!


2. She’s a visual goddess!


3. She looks dangerously sexy!


4. She looks gorgeous!


5. Black suits her so much!


6. She makes every gown look good!


7. Seolhyun in this gown is ethereal.


8. She’s the prettiest girl in the gown!


9. Her visuals are flawless!


10. This outfit is perfect for her!


11. This outfit represents Seolhyun exactly- fiery sexy, but cute!