10+ Times Apink’s Hayoung Was A Body-Line Queen With Her Unreal Proportions

Hayoung is a visual goddess!

Apink‘s Hayoung is a well-known visual, and her goddess proportions are always being talked about! Here are 10+ times Hayoung was the queen of body-lines, and had fans captivated with her unreal proportions!

1. Hayoung’s long legs make her proportions look so unreal!


2. She’s gorgeous!


3. She looks like she came out of a fantasy in this shimmery dress!


4. Hayoung is a sexy body-line queen!


5. She’s killin’ it in this denim outfit!


6. Her visuals are ethereal in this outfit!


7. Queen of pretty proportions!


8. This outfit is perfect for summer!


9. She slays in this black fit!


10. She’s serving such top-tier visuals in this black dress!


11. She’s a visual goddess in this white dress!


12. Hayoung is beautiful!