10+ Time’s BLACKPINK’s Rosé Made Loose, Comfy Pants Look Fashionable AF

She slays this look like no one else!

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé is known for her amazing sense of style, and while she pulls off clothing that show off her amazing bodyline, she’s also insanely gorgeous in looser clothes as well! Here are 10+ times Rosé loose, comfy pants, and made it into a total fashion statement!

1. Rosé’s long legs go so well with these pants!


2. She makes a basic white tee and jeans look so amazing!


3. Rosé in all-black outfits is one of her best looks!


4. But she looks beautiful in all-white too!


5. Her airport fashion is always on point!


6. Her visuals in sweatpants are top-tier!


7. This outfit is comfy and classy, and suits Rosé so much!


8. Loose pants are such a good look on her!


9. She slays these pants!


10. Visual queen!


11. She totally rocks this all-denim look like a boss!


12. Her casual fashion is incredible!


13. Bringing back Rosé in sweatpants!


14. This whole outfit is a look!