10 Times BTS Was Low-Key Terrified Of Suga

The “S” in “savage” stands for “Suga”.

1. When Jungkook was asked to imitate Suga

During an interview, BTS was asked which member was the best at impersonations. When Jimin suggested that Jungkook should imitate Suga, Jungkook’s life flashed before his eyes. He looked to Suga tentatively for permission, but still wasn’t crazy about doing it.

After Jungkook imitated Suga’s dance from “Bulletproof Pt. 2″…

…Jungkook attempted to soften the blow (and save his own skin) by calling Suga BTS’s “number one dancer”. He nodded enthusiastically when Suga followed up that comment by saying, “I’m cool”. Phew! Live to see another day, Golden Maknae!


2. When V wanted to switch partners for this paper passing game

Nobody volunteered to trade places with him. Nobody.


3. When J-Hope let Suga sleep

J-Hope had no qualms about pestering Jimin, but he steered clear of Suga. Suga looks terrifying, even in his sleep!


4. When J-Hope accidentally woke Suga up

J-Hope knows better than to poke a sleeping bear…

…but he accidentally woke Suga up from his nap by bothering V. Suga swore at J-Hope before he could escape!


5. When Rapper V stepped aside for Agust D

V was super into his solo “Cypher Pt. 3” performance, but he didn’t dare to object when Suga usurped a verse! The other members cracked up as V went from star to hype man.


6. They spoke informally to Suga… when he wasn’t there to hear it

The younger members were hesitant to address Suga disrespectfully, even when they knew he wasn’t around to hear them. They had no problem doing it to Jin, even though Jin is the group’s oldest member!


7. When they were too scared to ask him questions

BTS once played a truth-telling game that involves strapping one’s hand to a toy lie detector. If you lie, the detector shocks you. BTS had no problem asking the rest of the members hilarious questions, but when Suga’s turn came around…

…they didn’t want to insult or zap him!


8. When Jimin risked a Savage Suga attack for ARMY

Jimin mustered his courage and put Suga on camera, even though he knew he’d get sworn at for it.

As expected, Suga told Jimin to get lost as soon as he started filming.


9. When V failed to complete his mission

For a game, V’s mission was to lay on two members laps. He laid down on RM’s lap without hesitation, but decided not to try it with Suga. Waking Suga from his nap is never a good plan!


10. When Jin also failed to complete his mission

During the same game, Jin was slightly braver than V. Key word: slightly. Jin had the guts to approach Suga, but he didn’t press his luck when Suga refused to help him complete his mission.