10+ Times BTS’s V Became The Literal Embodiment Of Spring In Floral Prints

His visuals in floral prints are insane!

BTS‘s V is a visual king, who’s known for his incredible taste in fashion! Here are 10+ times V put on floral print outfits, and became the embodiment of spring!

1. His visuals are crazy!


2. V truly knows how to rock a floral print!


3. This floral jacket is gorgeous!


4. V’s fashion sense is incredible!


5. This red hair and jacket is gorgeous on him!


6. V’s visuals are ethereal.


7. This sunflower shirt is so cute!


8. Floral prints are definitely V’s thing!


9. Even his casual visuals are incredibly handsome!


10. The shirt looks perfect on him!


11. V’s outfits are always so amazing!


12. The floral detail in this jacket is so pretty!


13. He’s so good-looking!


14. This floral tie is so cute!