10+ Times CLC’s Yeeun Boasted Badass Visuals In Chic And Classy Suits

Yeeun’s chic visuals in suits is everything!

CLC‘s Yeeun is known to be the residential girl crush member in her group, and her badass energy is seen most prominently in classy suits! Here are 10+ times Yeeun served boss AF visuals and chic suits!

1. Sexy queen in this red suit!


2. Black is definitely Yeeun’s color!


3. Such a badass!


4. Queen of chic visuals!


5. No one does girl crush like Yeeun!


6. She’s slaying in this all-black fit!


7. This purple suit on Yeeun is everything!


8. She’s gorgeous in this plaid suit!

| CUBE Entertainment
| CUBE Entertainment
| CUBE Entertainment


9. Yeeun’s visuals in this suit dress is so unreal!


10. Even her casual visuals are amazing!


11. Visual queen!

| @cube_clc_official/ Instagram
| @cube_clc_official/ Instagram


12. Her visuals in this white suit are breathtaking!