10+ Times Girl’s Day’s Hyeri Was A Breathtaking Visual In The Prettiest Gowns

She gives off such queen energy in gowns!

Girls’ Day’s Hyeri is a gorgeous, talented idol, who’s glammed up visuals in gowns are an absolute must-see for fans! Here are 10+ times Hyeri was a sophisticated queen in the prettiest gowns, and absolutely radiated elegance with her visuals!

1. Hyeri is such a stunner in this flowy white gown!


2. She’s really built like that.


3. This black gown makes her look so elegant!


4. Sexy Hyeri is everything!


5. Another one for Hyeri’s sexy side!


6. This pink gown is so cute on her!


7. Her gowns have such pretty details to them!


8. She’s killin’ it in this black gown!


9. This slinky number fits her like a glove!


10. This gown is so pretty!


11. Her visuals are unreal!


12. Hyeri in red has us blessed.


13. She’s seriously serving looks here!


14. White gowns are a killer look on her!


15. Hyeri in a gown, looking badass AF is content we didn’t know we needed!

06/09/20- Happy Birthday, Hyeri!

06/09/20- Happy Birthday, Hyeri!

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