10+ Times Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Revealed Her Rock-Hard Abs

She needs to drop her workout routine!

Girls’ Generation’s leader Taeyeon not only has a great voice but has an amazing figure as well! Despite being a homebody, Taeyeon has rock-solid abs and they make our jaws drop every time she flaunts them! Here are 10+ times Taeyeon

1. Taeyeon flaunted her toned abs in their “Party” MV and it had Sones screaming!

| SMTOWN/YouTube

2. Taeyeon even shows off her abs on “The Weekend”

3. The definition!


4. Her abs are goals!


5. Taeyeon’s visuals are truly unreal

6. Do you get a lot of “Adrenaline” watching the talented TTS perform?


 7. She definitely turned heads at the airport

8. “Why” is she so perfect?!

9. If Taeyeon’s happy, Sones are also happy!



10. Taeyeon and this sultry look is iconic


11. Her style is stunning and so is her smile!

12. This performance was jaw-dropping

13. Taeyeon needs to drop her workout routine!

14. A homebody with amazingly tone abs


15. Pretty as a peach in these peachy tones

| @taeyeon_ss/Instagram

16. Taeyeon rocks and she knows it!


17. Loving her smile and this outfit


18. Taeyeon’s abs are just as amazing as her abs

19. Do you see those lines?!

20. She’s always had an amazing physique

21. They look good even in black and white



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