10+ Times ITZY’s Lia Was A Stunner In The Prettiest Dresses

Lia gives off such classy vibes in these dresses!

ITZY‘s Lia is a whole visual, and she looks even prettier in some gorgeous dresses! Here are 10+ times Lia wore a dress, and stunned everyone with her beauty!

1. Lia is gorgeous in this fiery red dress!


2. And in white, her visuals are angelic!


3. Her girl crush visuals are comin’ through!


4. This butterfly design on this dress is so pretty!


5. She’s serving classy visuals in this purple dress!


6. She’s a regal queen in this dress!


7. Lia’s visuals are unreal in this dress!


8. She’s glowing in this golden dress!


9. Lia pulls this dress off so well!


10. Visual queen!


11. She’s a classy queen in this dress!


12. This dress suits her so well!


13. She’s pretty in pink in this dress!


14. She’s a whole visual queen in this dress!


15. She boasts such graceful visuals!


16. This fun print looks amazing on Lia!