10+ Times IZ*ONE’s Hyewon Showed Off Her Tiny Ant-Waist

Hyewon is so gorgeous!

IZ*ONE‘s Kang Hyewon has always been praised for her top-tier visuals! She still continues to gain praise for her improved performance skills, and fans also swear that she’s getting lovelier and lovelier as the days go by! Here are x times Hyewon gained attention for her tiny ant-waist, and had fans in awe of her amazing body-line!

1. Hyewon in this simple outfit is still serving such stunning visuals!


2. She’s gorgeous!


3. Her waist is so tiny in this dress!


4. Hyewon ATE that!

5. This dress is so pretty on her!


6. This white belt highlights her ant-waist so well!


7. She looks like a living doll in this casual fit!


8. Her casual visuals are beautiful!


9. She’s slaying this dress!


10. Hyewon’s petite figure is highlighted so well in overalls!


11. So pretty!


12. She’s killin’ it with her visuals!


13. Her waist is so tiny in this white dress!


14. She’s a gorgeous visual!