10+ Times IZ*ONE’s Sakura Served Unreal Visuals In Her Stage Outfits

Sakura always serves such quality visuals in her stage outfits!

IZ*ONE‘s Sakura is a gorgeous visual, and everytime she appears on stage, fans can’t get enough of her intense star power! Here are 10+ times Sakura was a whole visual queen on stage, and slayed in her stage outfits!

1. This outfit makes her look ethereal!


2. Sakura’s visuals are unreal!


3. She looks beautiful in white!


4. Sakura also has some unreal proportions!


5. She’s so gorgeous, she can pull off anything!


6. She’s giving off such chic vibe sin this all-denim outfit!


7. “Fiesta” era Sakura is so iconic!


8. Sakura in pastels is so pretty!


9. Queen of duality visuals!


10. This dress is gorgeous in her!


11. She’s channeling her sexy side in this dress!


12. Her charisma is off the charts in these photos!


13. So pretty!


14. Sakura looks like a whole princess in this dress!


15. She’s killin’ it in all-black!


16. But she’s also a killer visual in red!