10 Times Luck Just Wasn’t On Lee Kwang Soo’s Side

A person can only be so unlucky.

Lee Kwang Soo has a somewhat representation as an unlucky person on Running Man. Most of the time, it’s just things out his control and viewers get a great laugh whenever these kinds of things happen.

Lee Kwang Soo had a 50% chance of getting sprayed with water or ink.

Here are 10 moments where Lee Kwang Soo just didn’t have any luck on his side.

 1. Of all areas to get hit

2. What are the chances

There was a set of eggs that contained raw and hardboiled eggs. The chances of selecting a raw one were slim, but Lee Kwang Soo managed to pull it off.

3. Nice kick

4. Karma can hit you immediately

5. Hair getting stuck on velcro

6. Watch where you’re walking

7. Again, what are the chances

Lee Kwang Soo hit Kim Jong Kook saying he was trying to get rid of the bug.

Soon after, Kim Jong Kook got his revenge.

8. Losing his pants

9. Just falling

10. Losing as soon as the game begins