10 Times MAMAMOO’s Wheein Slayed At The Red Carpet

She’s a visual queen at the red carpet!

MAMAMOO‘s Wheein is a vocal and visual goddess, and her looks at the red carpet are a testament to her amazing visuals! She’s been seen numerous times sporting outfits of a wide and varied range, and kills it everytime! Here are 10 times Wheein walked the red carpet in an outfit that totally made her stand out!

1. Wheein is so pretty in this dress!


2. A queen in a pretty gown!


3. She’s slaying this suit dress!


4. Body-line queen!


5. Wheein looks super chic in this fit!


6. She’s gorgeous!


7. She looks amazing in pink!


8. Visual queen!


9. Only Wheein can pull off this outfit!


10. She’s serving visuals in this white!