10+ Times Apink’s Son Naeun Proved She’s The Queen Of Leggings

They accentuate her long legs!

Naeun looks great in anything she wears but she’s often known as the “Queen Of Leggings” because of how stunning she is in them! The comfortable bottoms often highlight her long legs and overall gorgeous figure!

Here are 10+ times Naeun proved she truly is the “Queen of Leggings”

1. She’s also an Adidas queen!

2. Not everyone can look this stunning in leggings

3. No one dances better in leggings than Naeun

4. Her physique is amazing

5. She’s breathtaking


6. We love a matching set!


7. They add a little extra something to her dancing!

8. She also wears them to workout


9. They’re not just for dance or exercise, but a good pair of leggings also make a cute outfit

| @marcellasne_/Instagram

10. She’s fierce even in some simple leggings

11. All eyes are on her!

12. Long-legged queen!

13. Sometimes she steps away from her signature black Adidas leggings and goes for a more bold pattern

| @marcellasne_/Instagram

14. She knows how to dress up leggings well!

15. Who says you can’t be comfy and stylish at the same time?

16. She makes activewear look soo good!

17. Even in leggings she looks like a rockstar