10 Times Naeun Shocked Us With Her Unbelievable Body In Real Life

Just wow.

Naeun isn’t just the visual of Apink, she’s also one of the top visuals in the entire K-Pop industry. After all, she has a beautiful face, great fashion taste, and a body to kill for!

Recently, a hot topic on SNS was Naeun’s perfect body proportions…even in real life photos! Read on to see some pictures and gifs that emphasize her unbelievable body.

1. She looks amazing in skinny jeans

A modern girl’s staple, skinny jeans are leg-hugging and can make anyone look instantly more chic. Naeun looks so good in it that she could be the model of any skinny jeans line!

2. She has killer proportions

With Naeun’s perfect proportions, it’s obvious she is not only naturally blessed but also maintains her body well with the proper diet and exercise.

3. Mini skirts look great on her

It goes without saying that mini skirts show off her legs, but it also adds an air of femininity and cuteness to her.

4. Her long legs are enviable

Standing at 168 cm, Naeun’s long legs make her look even taller than she already is!

5. All-black clothes elongate her body

Wearing dark, monochromatic outfits makes Naeun look leaner and therefore taller—an all around win.

6. She looks stunning even in casual outfits

Naeun doesn’t have to dress up in fancy clothes to look gorgeous. Her simple, everyday look just as good!

7. This choreo was made for her

But never be under the impression that Naeun is all looks and no talent. She dances well and has a lovely voice.

8. Crop tops highlight her slim waist

It’s not just Naeun’s legs that are enviable. Her waist is so tiny that it almost seems unreal!

9. Fans say she looks even skinnier in person

They say the camera adds 10 lbs to the subject of the photo, so image how much skinnier Naeun is in real life!

10. From head to toe, she is truly a visual

Naeun is so beautiful that it’s hard to take your eyes off her. Don’t feel bad if that’s you!