10+ Times Oh My Girl’s YooA Had Everyone Convinced She Was An Actual Doll

Her visuals are THAT unreal.

Oh My Girl‘s YooA is an idol well-known for her unreal, doll-like visuals, and here are 10+ times she had everyone convinced she was an actual, real-life doll!

1. YooA’s visuals have everyone so shook.


2. Her glam visuals also slap hard!


3. YooA is so gorgeous!


4. She really looks like a living doll with her hair in curls!


5. Close-ups of YooA’s face just reveals how flawless her visuals are!


6. She looks so cute in ponytails!


7. These photos of her are sure to convince you that she’s an actual doll!


8. YooA not only has a gorgeous face, but she also boasts some incredible body proportions, too!


9. Her visuals are so unreal!


10. Her large eyes and full lips really give that doll-like impression!


11. YooA’s gorgeous from every angle!


12. Her visuals in pigtails make her seem even more doll-like!


13. Ethereal visual queen!


14. YooA has such a pretty smile!


15. She’s giving off such girlfriend vibes in this hoodie and her hair tied up in a ponytail!


Oh My Girl’s YooA is set to make her solo debut on September 7.

Watch her debut trailer here!