10+ Times Soyou Was A Total Stunner With Her Incredibly Gorgeous Proportions

Soyou is an undisputed body-line queen!

Former SISTAR member Soyou is a gorgeous visual, and ever since her debut, has been known as one of K-Pop’s best body visuals! Here are 10+ times Soyou stunned with her unreal proportions, and was a fit, toned queen!

1. Soyou has incredible proportions!


2. “Touch My Body” era Soyou is so iconic!


3. She’s a sexy queen in this suit!


4. Legendary sexy queen!


5. Soyou has kept her well-deserved title of “body-line queen” for 10 years now!


6. This sexy dress on her is so gorgeous!


7. This outfit is perfect for summer!


8. Her body is so fit and toned!


9. Queen of healthy body types!


10. Her figure in this dress is unreal!


11. She’s so pretty!


12. Her visuals in this classy outfit is everything!


13. Her casual visuals are beautiful, too!


14. Sexy queen!


15. Her proportions are ridiculously perfect!


16. She is such a beauty!


Soyou just made her comeback with “Gotta Go”.

Watch the MV here!