10 Times Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Drove Us Crazy With His Stunning Visuals

He truly is a visual king!

With the news of Stray KidsHyunjin finally returning to the group for their next comeback, STAYs have already begun to celebrate the month of “Hyunjuly” all over social media.

So, let’s remember 10 times that Hyunjin literally slayed us with his amazing visuals!

1. When He Was Feelin’ Like A Psycho

One year ago today, Hyunjin went viral for his cover of Red Velvet‘s Psycho alongside the 00s on Music Bank. This performance has gone down in history as one of Hyunjin’s most iconic looks to date, with just his solo fancam reaching over seven million views!

2. When He Was Cookin’ Like A Chef

God’s Menu era Hyunjin was on a whole new level, with his long blonde hair tied up in a ponytail leaving us weak at the knees. Plus, just look at that intense gaze – chef’s kisses for him!

3. When He Opened Up The Back Door

Silver-haired Hyunjin should be made illegal, as he’s stolen too many STAY hearts with this look from Back Door. We want to go to whatever house party he’s throwing!

4. When He Tied That Double Knot

Everything about Hyunjin during this performance of Double Knot was immaculate. The hair? The rings? The plaid pants and chain belt? It’s not even fair for a human to look this good!

5. When He Served Us This K-Drama Boyfriend Look

This innocent and pure look from Hyunjin is the most adorable thing ever. Period. If he pelted us with a snowball, we wouldn’t even mind!

| @Stray_Kids/Twitter

6. When He Was A Literal Prince

People have called Hyunjin a prince multiple times before, but this look was literally the definition of royalty. That crown was made for Hyunjin and Hyunjin alone!

7. When He Was A Flower Boy

Who doesn’t have a soft spot for flower boys? Those beautiful flowers matched with Hyunjin’s fluffy brown hair only amplify his delicate charm.

8. When He Was A Wizard

When Stray Kids wore Harry Potter outfits, Hyunjin decided to end us all by showing up in Slytherin robes. Draco Malfoy who? All we know is Hwang Hyunjin!

| @Stray_Kids/Twitter

9. When He Wore Glasses

Hyunjin in glasses is just absolutely precious, and his smile is to die for. If he was in our class at school, we’d have perfect attendance all year long!

10. When He Rocked *This* Beret

Who can forget Hyunjin’s God’s Menu beret? While he has definitely slayed all kinds of berets before, this one will forever be engraved in STAY’s minds.

| @Stray_Kids/Twitter

What’s your favorite Hyunjin look?

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